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X2O Media digital signage platform powers One Times Square LED billboard

MONTREAL — X2O Media, a provider of technology, content services and content design for digital signage, was a key partner in creating the nation’s largest digital billboard. Designed for the Walgreen’s flagship store, the billboard resides at New York City’s One Times Square, a historic landmark where the famous New Year’s Eve Ball descends from the flagpole atop the building each year.

New York-based D3 LED utilized X2O’s Xpresenter 2.1 digital signage platform to create the 30 story tall LED spectacular. The X2O end-to-end solution delivers seamless messages and images 20 hours a day to countless passersby in vibrant Times Square.

D3 LED engineers and manufactures advertising spectaculars, stadium and arena displays, information ticker and marquee systems, and customized digital solutions. Designed to break the mold in how the Walgreen’s brand interacts with consumers, the digital billboard at One Times Square utilizes 10,987 display modules, each containing 1,024 to 1,600 pixels, for high-resolution graphics. The result is over 17,000 square feet of dynamic digital LED signage extending 341 feet above the ground on three sides of the building, complemented by 13 digital signs surrounding the building at street level. Weighing in at 125 tons, the spectacular covers over one third of an acre with more than 12 million LEDs powered by 150 gigs of data throughout.

D3 LED required a digital signage platform featuring a resolution-independent player with real-time capabilities to synchronize all the display modules, including the 13 signs on the ground.

The Xpresenter solution is an end-to-end digital signage platform with a number of applications that support content authoring, scheduling, distribution and remote management. Xpresenter Template Maker is a powerful application that integrates directly with Microsoft PowerPoint, providing digital signage operators with the unique ability to create broadcast-quality graphics that incorporate video, animations, clip art galleries and real-time data sources from within the familiar PowerPoint interface.

digital signage platform powers One Times Square LED billboard