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Working Solutions upgrades digital signage security and monitoring app

Working Solutions, a worldwide supplier of custom and bespoke software applications, has announced the latest release of their digital signage security and monitoring application, Signage Monitor 3.0.

Signage Monitor 3.0 has been created to offer a proven technology to resellers and users who have any digital signage software that uses a Windows OS platform (XP and upward), the company said.

Signage Monitor provides three separate solutions:

  • Ideal for the budget restricted operator, System Watchdog can be purchased for a single one-off license fee with no on-going costs or monthly fees. This stand-alone solution requires only simple installation on the digital signage player. It is then protected from any unwanted local or remote access, except via a password protected interface for engineers. The engineer locally configures the System Watchdog to react to trigger events, and an email of all logged activity and alerts is sent every 24 hours.
  • When up-time is more critical, and you need 24/7 remote access, configuration and diagnostics, there is the Site Manager. As the name suggests, this program enables much more than just a remote access interface, and communicates with the System Watchdog via Working Solutions’ secure hosted PLUS! Network servers.
  • Some companies deploy their players on their own networks and are prevented from connecting to external servers. That is where Signage Monitor’s Enterprise solution comes in. Clients are able to purchase server licenses, ensuring that all control of data and security is retained in-house.

As with all Working Solutions software solutions, Signage Monitor provides a platform onto which plug-ins can be added easily. This means that no matter what kind of peripheral device you have attached to your player, there can be a plug-in developed to monitor it. But the plug-in function can also provide some interesting extra features. For example, the Webcam Viewer plug-in enables the added security function of having “eyes” on your display screens, a useful deterrent for vandals.

“As long as it’s Windows based then Signage Monitor will make it safer and easier to monitor and administer. If you’re a reseller then try it with your Scala, BroadSign or other players,” said Paul Mayer, sales & marketing manager at Working Solutions, in the announcement. “The best way to get an idea of what Signage Monitor can do is to head to the website and download a free trial version. We also carry out regular webinars for companies interested in becoming resellers or partners.”

For information on other digital signage software applications, visit out Software research center.

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