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Wireless Ronin provides digital signage for Dimensional Innovations' Sprint Brand Experience

MINNEAPOLIS — Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc., a Minneapolis-based worldwide digital signage provider, announced that it has implemented its RoninCast digital signage solutions in Dimensional Innovations’ “Sprint Brand Experience” at the new Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium.

“The Sprint Brand Experience at the new Colts stadium goes beyond digital signage by incorporating advanced 3D gesture recognition solutions to create an immersive video game type experience for visitors,” said Steve Birke, interim president and chief executive of Wireless Ronin Technologies. “This is another great example of Wireless Ronin’s ability to utilize new technologies to meet the unique goals and needs of our customers.”
Sprint has a five-year sponsorship agreement as one of six major sponsors at the new $625 million Lucas Oil Stadium, which has a projected annual attendance of 1.5 million event attendees and sports fans. The sponsorship provides an expansive branding opportunity within the entire eastern concourse of the stadium. Using Kansas City-based Dimensional Innovations’ design and fixture fabrication, along with RoninCast digital signage and Brussels-based Softkinetic 3D gesture recognition solutions, Sprint has created an experience that immerses users in their technology and brand in innovative ways.
Various-sized digital signage displays mounted creatively throughout the concourse showcase Sprint’s new handheld devices and entertainment choices. Along with traditional digital signage, Wireless Ronin has incorporated a unique 3D experience, allowing Sprint to provide an interactive football simulation game in which fans become the quarterback and complete passes in a virtual Colts game. The interactive game uses Softkinetic’s 3D patent-pending gesture recognition technology.
“Through our partnership with Wireless Ronin we are able to provide Lucas Oil Stadium visitors a unique video game experience featuring fully immersive and intuitive gesture recognition technology,” said Michel Tombroff, chief executive of Softkinetic. “This alliance with Wireless Ronin enables us to showcase the versatility of our technology and brings a new level of interactivity to the market.”
The game incorporates graphics and complex interactivity without the use of a video game controller. Wireless Ronin also developed technology to transfer a video clip of an individual’s game play to cell phones via MMS messaging, which is free to Sprint customers.
“By partnering with Wireless Ronin we have been able to meet the entire scope of needs for the Sprint Brand Experience through one technology partner,” said Tucker Trotter, president of Dimensional Innovations. “With Wireless Ronin we are able to meet Sprint’s objective of leveraging advanced technology to enhance the brand position by giving consumers what they want, when they want it.”
Wireless Ronin and Dimensional Innovations jointly designed the digital signage portion of the experience. RoninCast digital signage software will enable the effective scheduling of various types of assets currently maintained in Sprint’s digital library. The Sprint Brand Experience debuted as part of Sunday Night Football in Indianapolis during the Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears game on opening day.

digital signage for Dimensional Innovations' Sprint Brand Experience