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Wireless Ronin offers white paper on digital menu boards in health care reform wake

Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc., a Minneapolis-based digital signage provider, today announced the release of a white paper looking at how digital signage is helping the food service industry respond to the new nutritional disclosure mandates in the newly-enacted Health Care Reform Act.

“Many of our current and potential clients have already begun testing digital implementations to deal with state and local nutritional laws. The new national legislation will only intensify the urgency to find solutions to quickly comply,” said Scott Koller, executive vice president and COO for Wireless Ronin. “Our white paper is a valuable information source for any food service operator wanting to fully understand the new restrictions and discover how digital signage can cost-effectively address these new challenges.”

The industry-changing legislation has pushed the food service industry to a tipping point; urging many to look beyond traditional communication platforms to quickly comply as changes take hold, Wireless Ronin says. Intelligent digital menu boards and signage offer clear benefits over printed signage for not only marketing but also operations and service areas.

The white paper examines menu labeling legislation and explores the solutions available through digital menu boards and digital signage. It provides detailed insight into the new nutritional disclosure restrictions including who it affects, what type of communication is being required and when those changes will take effect. It also presents the features of digital signage that make it such an effective solution including database integration, scheduling capabilities, and centralized control.

“Food service operators should be looking for solutions now as the enforcement of these requirements are going to take hold in a relatively short time,” said Koller. “Beginning digital implementation now will allow businesses to prepare their strategies and execution plans prior to the laws taking effect.”

Wireless Ronin’s white paper is available for free on its Web site.Wireless Ronin also will be demonstrating its technology in booth #7407 at the National Restaurant Association’s 2010 convention in Chicago, May 22-25.