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Wireless Ronin expands digital signage/kiosk reach in Mall of America

Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc., a Minneapolis-based marketing technologies provider, announced today that it will expand its RoninCast digital signage footprint into the East Avenue Renovation of Mall of America, the nation’s largest retail and entertainment complex.

“Mall of America designed its digital signage to integrate key drivers including placement, location and proper traffic flow throughout the mall,” said Mall of America facilities manager Rich Hoge, in the announcement. “It is because Wireless Ronin’s digital signage solutions have accomplished these goals while maintaining both an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment that we have continued to rely on their solutions during renovations throughout the mall.”

The company said Mall of America’s new renovations will feature six unique Wireless Ronin solutions:

  • Guest services, promoting ticket office locations and store hours, and navigation services available to guests.
  • Walkway ad kiosk networks, expanding the mall’s existing digital advertising network of on-property products and services, featuring full-screen promotions and greatly increasing exposure for stores.
  • Nickelodeon Universe Schwan’s kiosk, featuring menu boards and videos of Schwan’s branding and featured content.
  • Greeter board system, displaying directory information, maps and MOA branding, allowing the Mall to quickly change tenant names and locations to provide attractive and dynamic navigation for visitors.
  • Elevator promotional displays, displaying promotional advertisements for products and services throughout the Mall.
  • Food court displays that expand the existing kiosk network are dedicated to featuring locations within the Mall.

In addition to providing the hardware and software, Wireless Ronin will monitor the network health through its customer support center and deploy, create and schedule content. Wireless Ronin has worked with the Mall of America’s sign vendor, Leroy Signs, to deploy RoninCast digital signage solutions and, once renovations are complete, Wireless Ronin’s digital signage solutions will be on display throughout the Mall.

“By presenting visitors with current advertising, promotions and sales for retail shops, Mall of America creates a dynamic experience not only for shopping but also for dining and entertainment throughout the mall,” said Wireless Ronin president and CEO Scott W. Koller.

Mall of America is the nation’s largest retail and entertainment complex, at 4.2 million square feet and home to more than 520 world-class shops; an indoor amusement park, a 1.2 million-gallon aquarium; a mini-golf course; and a 14-screen movie theater.

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digital signage/kiosk reach in Mall of America