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Webinar looks at digital signage opportunities in an uncertain economy

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Last week, digital signage Today took a closer look at business communication technology in a webinar entitled digital signage: More Important in an Uncertain Economy, hosted in partnership with Cisco Systems and Lyle Bunn.

Bunn, a digital signage consultant, was featured as one of the expert commentators, as was Thomas Wyatt, vice president and general manager of the Digital Media Systems Business Unit at Cisco.

The key message of the webinar was that video communications solves numerous business challenges, while at the same time harbors the potential to save the user money while doing so.

According to Cisco, digital signage, desktop video and enterprise TV:

    • Communicate critical information to both employees and customers globally in real-time.

    • Reduce operational costs by allowing users to stay at home and reduce shipping of printed materials.

    • Drive revenue by allowing businesses to promote, cross-sell and up-sell products, providing a quicker route to realizing revenue.

    • Create customer intimacy by personalizing the experience and educating employees.

“Digital itself is becoming a force for efficiency, and networks of displays are mobilizing across the economic spectrum,” Bunn said. “Retail, brands, services providers, staff and patron commutations and corporations are reaching each other with better visual communications.”

Wyatt also chronicled Cisco video communications deployments with large organizations such as Coca-Cola Enterprises and Lloyd’s of London.

“Coca-Cola had some difficult decisions to make about layoffs and changing their business model,” Wyatt said. “The only way they could keep everyone in the company on the same page, keep morale as high as it could be and open up communication was to use video as their key mechanism. It has made a profound difference for them.”

If you missed the webinar on Feb. 10, digital signage: More Important in an Uncertain Economy is available for download and playback on our site.

Click to listen to the webinar.

digital signage opportunities in an uncertain economy