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Walgreen's launching 17-story digital billboard at One Times Square

NEW YORK — Walgreen’s will host the official lighting of the “Spectacular” outdoor digital billboard at One Times Square tonight. Conceived and designed by branding and design firm Gilmore Group, and constructed by D3, Walgreens’ One Time Square sign wraps three sides of the landmark and stretches 17 stories (212 feet high) in a continuous display of video and animation produced by 12 million LEDs and numerous giant plasma video screens.
“In designing Walgreen’s One Times Square spectacular our goal was to achieve the pinnacle of urban branding,” said Arthur Gilmore, president and CEO of Gilmore Group. “And, to tell the public that Walgreen’s has returned and to send a message to Wall Street that this traditionally quiet company has very aggressive plans. The fastest way for Walgreen’s to drive home the point is to become the dominant brand presence in the center of the media universe — Manhattan’s One Times Square, at the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street.”
Gilmore reports that Walgreen’s One Times Square sign will run an endless loop of paid advertising, Walgreens’ branding and  promotions and Times Square nostalgia. Each hour of programming will include up to 30 minutes of paid advertising (six minutes maximum per hour per brand), plus Walgreen’s branding and promotional spots and animated interstitial material. Four Platinum Charter advertisers have signed multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts. Advertising sales are handled by ABC New Media Services. GG Media, a division of Gilmore Group, will produce Walgreen’s branding, promotional and related content.