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voLANte digital HD multimedia distribution solution adds IP multicast capability

MADISON, Ala. — Southern Vision Systems Inc., a provider of digital video technology, has announced a significant firmware upgrade to its voLANte product line that converts video signals to IP Multicast format. This feature upgrade allows voLANte video signals to be routed more easily on both local area and wide area networks. In addition, common network wireless adapters can be used to transmit voLANte’s high-definition video signals with exceptional quality unencumbered by data cables. 

“We’re very pleased to add this capability to the voLANte product line,” said Michael Almasy, U.S. channel sales manager at SVSi. “SVSi has recently completed an installation with inexpensive wireless network adapters transmitting 50-Mbit/sec HD video signals from a voLANte transmitter wirelessly to two displays 75-feet away. This upgrade means voLANte now supports the three primary network transmission mediums — copper, fiber, and wireless.”

With the IP Multicast upgrade, voLANte’s bi-directional video interface can route multiple channels of HD multi-media over copper, fiber, or wireless and accept security video from an IP camera, serial commands from a receiver’s bi-directional serial port, or network traffic back down the same path. Even with these user-friendly features, voLANte maintains its video quality due to its JPEG2000 video compression algorithm.