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Visser Digital Media introduces digital signage advertising solutions for retailers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Visser Digital Media has announced the opening of its Scottsdale headquarters and launch of its digital signage company designed to help retailers reach their target audiences – while also offering a revenue option for its retail and educational partners that serve as host sites.
Focusing on the out-of-home market, Visser provides retailers with a dynamic and compelling content platform of LCD digital displays strategically placed in high-traffic sites such as retail stores, university and college campuses.  These displays create a network for delivering digital marketing campaigns, specialized “adlets,” promotional announcements, event notices, real-time proactive and trackable messages, emergency broadcasts and more.
Visser offers this turn-key platform at virtually low or no cost to host sites in addition to providing the system software, hardware, equipment installation and maintenance. Visser’s secure, Web-based solutions can be managed remotely or in-store and remove the need for partner sites to commit valuable IT resources to operate the system.
Out-of-Home digital signage networks deliver new advertising and messaging opportunities to connect consumers with products, services or information. This emerging media market allows advertisers to reach targeted consumers, whether shopping or attending colleges and universities, to influence buying decisions and increase sales.  digital signage networks serve as effective branding and call-to-action platforms, and what’s more, they allow university administrators to broadcast safety messages across campus to their students.
Visser’s new Retail and CampusVision programs offer unique revenue-share opportunities that are particularly attractive in the current economic climate. While Visser provides retail advertisers the opportunity to develop and execute multi-layered digital campaigns on display screens within its network, the company also develops revenue-sharing programs with its host site clients.
“We are thrilled to launch Visser Digital Media here in Scottsdale,” said Rich Cooley, CEO and co-founder of Visser Digital Media. “This new and compelling digital medium is an innovative and effective new forum for retailers to creatively target their customers. Our CampusVision program not only creates a new revenue stream for colleges and universities, it also provides these schools with their own content stream as well as delivers an extensive emergency broadcast system.”

digital signage advertising solutions for retailers