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Visix releases feature-laden AxisTV digital signage software update

ATLANTA, Ga. — Visix Inc. unveiled the latest update of its digital signage software application, AxisTV version 7.0.9. The release includes a variety of new features, enhancements and a few bug fixes for a significantly improved user experience. Additionally, the release is designed for greater overall application performance, improved network integration for diverse IT infrastructures and support for multiple browsers.
Features and enhancements to the user interface streamline the process of managing single or multiple channel players; creating, editing and scheduling digital signage content; and creating, modifying and applying layouts to any number of media players.
The new display layout tools provide users with a library of layouts matching the most commonly used display resolutions in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The stock designs ensure that users’ digital signage content is well organized and accurately displayed on virtually any plasma or LCD. The display editor also supports a browser-based WYSIWYG editor for servers supporting .NET clients, as well as a native display layout editor. This application resides on the local PC and operates as a client application free from the common limitations found in the typical browser.
An enhanced layout scheduler allows users to sort and view schedules by day of week, start time and time line, and provides visual previews of scheduled layouts. Newly added display warnings alert the user to gaps or overlaps in schedules.
A new device management interface provides users with the ability to easily manage one or more channel players simultaneously. Users can add, change and remove players, or initiate functions such as remote refresh, reboot and/or shutdown for one or multiple players. Users can also sort players by device name, description or DNS name/address. The interface also tracks both video window overlay and video stream licenses.
Additional enhancements and features include a media importer that enables users to simultaneously import multiple graphic and media files to the content server. Existing clients will also notice faster refresh performance in the user interface. Additionally, the release includes enhanced tuner card support; display mode management for normal and emergency/alert messaging; old message purging; detailed error reporting; greater support for customers utilizing proxy servers; and the elimination of known .NET conflicts.

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