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Virgin Megastores reports 50% store traffic increase due to digital signage

LAS VEGAS — Epson, a supplier of value-added point of sale (POS) solutions, announced that Virgin Megastores, its showcase customer, has recapped the results of its three-year in-store digital marketing solutions rollout.  After driving as much as 35 percent more traffic to under-visited areas of the store with its original pilots, Virgin proceeded with a variety of in-store digital marketing projects designed to drive revenue for entertainment-focused promotions.

Virgin estimates that the Epson digital marketing solutions have increased revenues in selected areas by as much as 50 percent, significantly increased store traffic, and provided a solid return on investment. Virgin’s multi-store implementation demonstrates the clear financial benefits that strategically deployed digital marketing solutions can bring to bottom line store profits.

“Over the past three years, Epson’s solution has paid for itself many times over, and you can’t put a price tag on wow factor,” said Ken Donham, senior manager of visual merchandising for Virgin Entertainment Group. “Our technology savvy customers want to be entertained and they expect interactive technologies in the store. Epson’s solutions deliver, and we keep it interesting by changing up content – every store experience is fresh and unique.”

Virgin Megastores has deployed various Epson digital marketing solutions over the past three years, including interactive floor projection, projection onto giant film strips, wall projection, digital banners and large-screen projection, in various locations including the West Coast flagship location at Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles, New York’s Times Square and Downtown Disney, Florida’s largest music and entertainment store.

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