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Video: GestureTek begins to roll out Cube gesture-based digital signage

TORONTO — GestureTek has announced that it is beginning to roll out its Cube product, which is designed to be a more portable and affordable version of the company’s gesture-based digital signage application.

The Cube is a turnkey, ‘plug and play’ interactive display unit that transforms any space of any size into a gesture-based interactive entertainment and advertising experience. Putting The Cube on the floor, on a table or against a wall instantly creates an engaging five-by-four foot interactive display that visitors can control with simple motions. 

The Cube, designed for small spaces and traveling promotions, gives customers access to GestureTek’s full library of over 70 special effects and games. Applications can be projected onto any surface. Engineered to be a more cost-effective solution for gesture-based digital signage, The Cube uses a short-throw projector, which costs less due to the decrease in lumens and also doesn’t require an on-site technician to deploy, saving on installation costs.

“Advertisers, audio-visual integrators and exhibit builders were asking us for a durable, cost effective, turnkey alternative to our GestureFX component system,” said Vincent John Vincent, president of GestureTek Inc. “The Cube can be placed anywhere, is easy to install by non-technical people and requires no special configuration. It allows for a dynamic interactive projection without the need to affix hardware to the ceiling and eliminates the need for a technician.”

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