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Venco introduces screens with integrated audience measurement

TAMPA, Fla. – Venco Electronica, a Spanish electronics provider, has integrated TruMedia’s iCapture audience measurement solution into its digital signage screens.

Venco’s DS for Digital Screens division produces turnkey digital signage solutions for audience measurement and communication. Venco screens are the first to include a fully integrated audience measurement solution with built-in iCapture Camera and SmartBox. Embedded screens are available as 46-inch and 52-inch hi-definition LCD screens as well as 46-inch, 52-inch and 65-inch totems.

“We believe that the success of digital signage hinges on the ability to accurately measure ROI and effectively target advertising to the viewing audience,” said Joan Clotet, managing director, Venco.

iCapture is fully respectful of the audience’s privacy. No images are ever recorded and no uniquely identifiable data is extracted.
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