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Urban Media powers digital signage on buses through GPRS/3G network

ESSEX, U.K. — Urban Media has expanded its transportation digital signage network to include an additional 60 signagelive digital signage software licenses on top of the existing 100-license network. This makes Urban Media the largest signagelive network in Europe. Each signagelive player is updated over the GPRS/3G mobile network.
The channel has 160 22-inch screens on Airport Express Coaches and runs a 60/40 division between editorial content and advertisement. Advertisers are exposed across more than 150 screens in 14 cities, including the biggest cities in Norway: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.

“We are pleased to share some brand new pictures from one of our digital signage solutions in Norway, called TRANSIT, on the Airport Express Coaches,” said Urban Media founder Einar Schwaiger. “We have this week finished the mounting of this channel in all Airport Express Coaches in Norway, across 14 cities. The feedback has been awesome, and we are proud to see the great results after having invested in high-quality screens and equipment.”

digital signage on buses through GPRS/3G network