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UCView Mobile Access controls signage content from mobile devices

UCView Media’s digital signage software division, a developer of digital signage management software, has released a mobile enhancement to the UCView Enterprise family. Mobile Access provides visibility and live monitoring of digital signage networks in real time from mobile phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs).

“We believe in practical solutions; we design solutions to solve a problem and help you manage as opposed to creating a market. From the research we recently conducted today, UCView is the first or only digital signage management solution enabling proactive and live player snapshot and resolution of network issues over a mobile device’s without the need to install software,” said Guy Avital, President, UCView Media Inc. “UCView’s Software platform is already a comprehensive product with superior real time diagnostic and practical capabilities, but now UCView users can benefit from the flexibility of having a proven digital signage management solution in the palm of their hands.”

UCView Mobile Access can show snapshots of the entire network, restart devices and show player info statistics using EZLink notifications.

“I always know about network status or outages instantly,” states Marcelo Teyer, a digital signage network owner. “The addition of mobile access saves precious time, as now I can immediately check player’s status from my smart phone.”