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UCView announces EZBoard editor for its digital signage portal

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — UCView Media, a provider of digital signage solutions, has announced the release of EZBoard Editor 1.1 to its UCView digital signage Portal.

EZBoard Editor allows users to create flash content online using only a browser, and integrate into a database for easy modification of live data updates. The module is perfect for menu boards and data driven content.

“We created this editor due to the growing demand from our customers to allow easy modification of data driven content, without the need of a designer to render new content,” said Guy Avital, UCView Media chief executive.

Other EZBoard features:

• Create dynamic menu boards and ads without coding • Integrate images, Flash and text to create data driven ads • Expedite ads delivery and improve productivity • Empower users to update, change ads and manage basic modification • Easily bring Flash ads into the player and determine what elements users can edit • Control user’s access to modify template or ads data • Integrate database forms to modify content

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