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Try digital signage…for free

ESSEX, U.K. —Remote Mediahas announced that it is allowing potential digital signage users to try its signagelive software free for 30 days. signagelive is a Web-based digital signage software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. The offer is applicable to potential end users, resellers, distributors and hardware manufacturers who complete the online form and meet basic criteria.
Successful registrants will be sent a welcome email with all of the necessary information required to log in to their unique signagelive network and prompted to download the signagelive player. The setup takes several minutes and allows them to be up and running on their chosen Microsoft Windows enabled hardware platform, including the Samsung range of XN devices.
If customers wish to upgrade their trial network to a live network, they can contact the signagelive sales team who will ensure they are directed to the appropriate distributor or strategic partner best suited to looking after their requirements.

digital signage…for free