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TruMedia's PROM software targets digital signage ads

TAMPA, Fla. — TruMedia Technologies Inc. is now giving retailers and marketers access to an extremely powerful tool, allowing them to automatically target their digital display ads and content to senior audiences in retail locations.    The latest version of the company’s iCapture audience-measurement system can instantly identify older shoppers; earlier versions of the software could delineate between an adult and a child as well as determine gender and ethnicity. Coupled with the company’s PROM (PROactive Merchandising) software, iCapture allows retailers and marketers to target senior shoppers by serving up ads that are interesting and relevant to them.           “We believe we have come up with a breakthrough in targeted marketing by allowing retailers and marketers to display age-appropriate content on a real-time basis,” said George Murphy, CEO, TruMedia. “So instead of The Jonas Brothers, an ad for life insurance or financial planning, for example, can be displayed.”             For the digital-signage-development community, the combination of iCapture and PROM software — bundled in TruMedia’s SmartBox — allows them to more easily build audience-adaptive messaging and advertising applications, with advanced-logging capabilities.            “Programmers can easily integrate our technology directly into their operating systems, receiving real-time audience counts and demographics via a platform-independent interface,” said Dr. Itzik Wilf, chief technology officer at TruMedia.

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