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TruMedia introduces iCapture Mini for digital signage

TAMPA, Fla. — TruMedia Technologies, a provider of real-time audience measurement systems, has announced the launch of iCapture Mini — a video-based audience measurement solution for small digital screens in out-of-home venues such as kiosks and end-caps in stores, malls, gas stations and other retail environments.
iCapture Mini captures audience faces via a small-form-factor, wide dynamic range (WDR) camera that is able to overcome harsh illumination conditions such as strong backlight. Up to two iCapture Mini cameras can be connected to one iCapture SmartBox: an embedded video processor that produces true “face towards” counts, individual exposure times and other indicators for viewer engagement.
Capture SmartBox also executes advanced video classification algorithms to determine a viewer’s gender and age-group.
“We are continually striving to develop products that meet the industry’s needs. Small digital signs are becoming an increasingly popular merchandising tool for use in aisles, on end caps and at checkouts. iCapture Mini makes it possible to measure and classify who is watching those screens,” said George Murphy, TruMedia chief executive officer.

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