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TruMedia, Dzine create targeted digital signage ad system based on demographics, gender

TAMPA, Fla. — TruMedia Technologies, a provider of audience measurement and proactive advertising, and dZine, a digital signage solution manufacturer, have announced the availability of a joint targeted advertising solution. By integrating TruMedia’s PROM, proactive marketing solution with dZine’s digital signage solution, users of the dZine player can now proactively and automatically trigger advertising content changes based on the demographic characteristics of the viewing audience.

The proactive advertising solution, implemented by TruMedia and dZine, logs viewers in front of the display using a structured feature in the dZine DISplayer. Statistics, created afterwards, show the relationship between the played content and demographic composition of the viewer groups, by timestamp.

The Smart Scheduling system changes the actual playing content depending on the gender and age of the person(s) in front of the display. Conditions can be imposed so the right content is played depending on the number of genders or ages.

“We are pleased that yet another leading digital signage player has integrated PROM into their player. With marketing budgets tighter than ever, being able to proactively advertise to the right person at the right time, in the right place has become even more important. dZine is the third premium PROM partner to perform this integration with many more scheduled for integration in the coming months,” said Dr. Itzik Wilf, senior vice president of marketing, TruMedia.

The TruMedia-dZine solution and other digital signage applications such as meeting room signage, audience measurement signage, outdoor signage and matrix signage will be on display at the Integrated Systems Europe 2009 taking place next week at the RAI in Amsterdam.

TruMedia is fully respectful of the audience’s privacy: no images are ever recorded, and no uniquely identifiable data is extracted.

digital signage ad system based on demographics, gender