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Truknox introduces Tru-Interactive at Digital Signage Asia show

MUMBAI, India — Truknox Technologies, an emerging player in the digital signage market, introduced the Tru-Interactive, a two-way communication functionality for the digital signage software solution Tru-i, at digital signage Asia, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

The Tru-Interactive functionality, for kiosk or touchscreen applications, can switch the screen between content display and interactive modes with touch or even the click of a mouse.The applications can be integrated at any point of time and customized to suit requirements and range from menu selection, healthy diet suggestions and calorie calculator at a restaurant to way finding, a virtual concierge at a hotel lobby or a movie trailer viewer at a cinema.

The Tru-i suite is a 360-degree solution comprising of five modules — Tru-Designer, Tru- Scheduler, Tru-Player, Tru-i Booking Agent and Tru-i Billing Agent, of which the last two are available as add-ons.

Truknox also plans to introduce Tru-net subscriptions — value-added services in the form of data-feeds like weather, trivia, custom news, horoscope and currency.

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