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Tripleplay going to bat with Dell OEM for digital signage

Dell OEM Solutions today announced that it has been selected by IPTV, video streaming and digital signage solutions provider Tripleplay Services to provide a back-end hardware platform for its products.

The back-end platform will include the OEM-Ready Dell PowerEdge R710 and T110 servers, and Tripleplay said it has migrated its products to Dell in order to take advantage of Dell OEM Solutions’ willingness to engage directly with OEM customers and to provide greater visibility into product roadmaps, extended-life hardware, change management and in-field support.

Founded in 2001, Tripleplay Services has a customer base spread across 33 countries around the world providing IPTV, video streaming and digital signage products. According to the announcement, Tripleplay boasts the largest IPTV deployment in the U.K., with more than 200,000 client devices supported within closed communities, and the largest deployment of HD Streaming and IPTV servers for any single customer in Europe.

Tripleplay said its relationship with Dell OEM Solutions has already proved instrumental in a number of significant customer wins, with particular traction within stadia, education and retail sectors. Tripleplay’s customers in these markets include Chelsea FC and the Green Point and Port Elizabeth 2010 World Cup stadia in South Africa, Sheffield Hallam, Portsmouth and Southampton Solent Universities and London School of Economics, Dixons/Currys and several hospitality solutions in major four- and five-star hotels around the world.

“Our close relationship with Dell OEM Solutions is a refreshing and transformational change from the days where our hardware came through resellers that were unable or even unwilling to offer the kind of expertise, flexibility and services Tripleplay requires,” said Steve Rickless, group CEO for Tripleplay Services, in the announcement. “Instead of hardware being a limiting factor in our proposition to customers, the flexibility Dell OEM Solutions provides in terms of product availability, customization and support is actually a core part of our differentiation. Some of our most high-profile customers have varying requirements across sites, and selecting Dell OEM Solutions allows us to meet their needs.”

“Tripleplay’s solutions are a great example of a widely-deployed technology, which people might be surprised to find out is powered by Dell OEM Solutions,” said Sam Forsbom, general manager, OEM Solutions EMEA at Dell. “However, the fact that we are powering digital signage technology in a number of very high-profile customer deployments shows how invaluable our combination of technology and services can be to organizations like Tripleplay looking for ways to facilitate business transformation.”

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