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Touchscreens a major presence at KioskCom

The majority of kiosks on display today at KioskCom feature touchscreens; between these kiosks and the many digital signage products touting this type of interface, it’s safe to say that touchscreens are having a major effect on the kiosk and self service marketplace.
Meridian Kiosks has on display a touchscreen kiosk with an additional display mounted above it. Not only does the interactive device allow a user to conduct a VoIP-style conversation with a live customer service representative, but it also integrates mobile device features — it can connect with the customer’s smart phone to better share information between customer and service specialist.
Visilogix, while not displaying kiosks, is featuring eye-catching technology that could likely make its way into future kiosk deployments. The company’s clear touchscreens incorporate a sensory membrane inside the glass, allowing the screen to be read from both sides. A Nike shoe display on one demonstration monitor allows users to select shoe models, rotate and drag them using finger swipes and watch related videos.