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Toshiba partners with Magnetic Media for 3D digital signage

NEW YORK — Toshiba Display Systems and Magnetic Media Holdings Inc. announced that Toshiba has joined Magnetic’s Enabl3D Partner Program. Magnetic will 3D-enable Toshiba’s commercial-grade HD monitors with its patent-pending 3D solution. Toshiba joins two other LCD manufacturers that have recently chosen Magnetic’s Enabl3D technology to modify their digital signage to show 3D content. 
By joining the Enabl3D Partner Program, Toshiba can now offer their customers a brand new digital signage product that plays both traditional 2D video content as well as new 3D content where images appear to more than a foot off the screen, with no 3D glasses required. Magnetic’s Enabl3D software is even capable of rendering 2D and 3D content at the same time on a single monitor using the available split screen templates. 
“We are very excited to have joined Magnetic’s Enabl3D Partner Program and look forward to the huge market opportunity that this has opened up for Toshiba virtually overnight. Having Magnetic handle the development of 3D-enabling our displays was a logical and cost-efficient choice for Toshiba. Had we attempted to develop our own 3D solution, it would have taken a tremendous effort in terms of R&D and the dedication of a significant amount of resources,” said Brett Armstrong, national sales manager, Toshiba Display Systems.

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