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Titan invests millions in digital signage rollout

LONDON — Titan Outdoor, a provider of advertising solutions in the U.K. rail environment, has announced that it will install over 100 digital screens at major stations across London.

The £2 million rollout is expected to be completed by the middle of October at key rail stations such as Waterloo, Victoria and Liverpool Street. It marks the first phase of Titan’s digital expansion across its U.K. rail estate, building on its pioneering Transvision network established in 2002.

The new digital six-sheet screens (known as D6s), supplied in partnership with iblink, use 65-inch high definition screens. The units are thermally managed and optically bonded to maintain up-time and to allow passers-by to view the image clearly from any angle. The screens also have Bluetooth capabilities to enable advertisers to interact with nearby consumers on their mobile phones.

This investment is part of Titan’s larger initiative for digital media. In the U.S. alone Titan will be investing upwards of $75 million over the next three years across its bus, rail and outdoor inventory. Plans are currently being investigated for digital expansion into other parts of Titan’s U.K. estate, including retail and roadside.

“This is a major and exciting development in the expansion of Titan’s digital rail offering,” said Jon Slatkin, chief executive of Titan UK. “Rail is the ideal environment for digital, with longer dwell times and more relaxed surroundings than in other commuter spaces. We estimate that by 2011, almost half of all our rail advertising revenue will come from digital.”

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