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The Golf Network set to tee off

SAN FRANCISCO — After three years of extensive planning, testing and building industry relationships, The Sports Retail Networks announced the closing of its Series A funding and is now positioned to roll out its premier digital signage brand, The Golf Network, to more than 100 retail locations in the next two months. Mark Biestman, co-founder and chief executive of The Sports Retail Networks made the announcement this week.    The company plans for The Golf Network to be in more than 400 locations in early 2009 and possibly 1,000 by 2010.
“In extensive audited production tests, TGN increased retail revenues as high as 30 percent at sporting goods stores, golf specialty shops and green grass pro shops,” said Alan Donahue, co-founder and executive vice president of SRN. “The potential ROI for both the retailer and advertiser is thus very strong while the consumer benefits from an improved, educated shopping experience, making a more informed purchase.”
At the core of The Golf Network is an addressable media server that enables TGN to deliver unique sports-related content and advertising over IP to digital signs located in high traffic consumer areas within retail stores.