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The Digital Signage Group now offering Remote Media software

SEATTLE — The digital signage Group (TDSG), a U.S.-based aggregator of products and services focused on digital signage, has announced that it has signed an agreement with Remote Media to offer the signagelive product. 

“The signagelive product is built on a proven, stable platform and provides users with a familiar user interface and a robust set of tools to do simple to complex digital signage,” said Jill Miller, president of TDSG. “The product grows with the needs of the customer.”
“TDSG has the knowledge, experience and pre- and post-sales support resources required to support our current U.S. signagelive resellers and maximize the potential for signagelive with prospective customers in North America,” said Darren Cremins, head of distribution at Remote Media.

digital signage Group now offering Remote Media software