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Strategy Institute announces Building Your Digital Signage Business conference

Strategy Institute has announced its next conference, “Building Your digital signage Business” which will take place Nov. 18-19 in Chicago.

“It’s important for us to come together and continue to encourage growth in the industry,” said Bryan Meszaros, director of strategy and development at OpenEye. “We need to have these opportunities to openly address industry challenges and discuss new forms of consumer engagement.”

Meszaros has been active in the digital signage industry since 2000, when he worked as the director of operations with a company that built a campus network across 75 of the nation’s top 100 universities. He is one of the many speakers who will be sharing insights and strategies to help the industry players to grow stronger.

Key topics to be covered at the conference include:

• Digital shopper marketing • Media agency adoption and budget allocations • Quantifying and demonstrating a network’s worth • Chasing digital OOH ad sales • User-generated and localized content workflow management • Meeting the needs and expectations of higher-education clients • Developing niche networks and building a national footprint

There will be two keynotes: John Ross, president of the IPG Emerging Media Lab is confirmed as a keynote speaker. Formerly VP of advertising and marketing at Home Depot, he will be speaking on “Engagement and Interaction: The Future of Advertising and Brand Experience.”

The second keynote address will be presented by Jason Katz, EVP of emerging media at Catapult Marketing, most recently named “agency of the year” by PROMO magazine. Katz will bring his perspective on the opportunities to empower shoppers today.

“I always enjoy the conference each year in Chicago in November,” said Bill Collins, principal at DecisionPoint Media Insights. “Of all the industry events that I attend each year, these events organized by the Strategy Institute offer the best opportunity to meet new people from and really spend quality time with them during the event.”

To register, visit:

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