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StrandVision intros new preset player for digital signage on the move

StrandVision digital signage has announced that it has partnered with a hardware provider to distribute preconfigured mobile digital signage players aimed at applications in taxis, buses, limousines, ferries and trains.

StrandVision picked LEI Technology Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Lanner Electronics, to be the exclusive provider of the display controllers for mobile digital signage applications. StrandVision is specially pre-configuring the LEC-5510 mobile appliance to integrate with their digital signage software for mobile informational and advertising digital signage applications, the company said.

This pre-configured mobile digital signage player is available from StrandVision for US $1,699.99 and works with any StrandVision digital signage software subscription.

The LEC-5510 is designed from the ground up for use in vehicles, StrandVision said. The memory chip is directly soldered to the motherboard and there is no fan. All other internal components have additional damping, and I/O ports have secure connections. The StrandVision-certified device utilizes solid-state drive hard drive technology for additional durability. It has been tested for extreme vibration and temperature ranges.

The LEC-5510 features power ignition control, which allows it to switch seamlessly between vehicle power and battery power. The controller senses when the vehicle is turned on and off, allowing the appliance to use its battery only when necessary. The unit also can be programmed to automatically power down when the vehicle is turned off or is parked.

Also included in the package is GPS location-specific awareness. In the coming months, StrandVision, which holds a patent on selecting digital signage content based on locations, will be adding the capability to integrate the new vehicle system with location-specific messages and advertising.

Once installed, the units automatically connect to the StrandVision digital signage server cloud via included wireless connectivity, when available. It displays all stored digital signage content information when not connected to the Internet. This special mobile digital signage appliance allows the signage to operate the same as any digital signage installation while getting content updates when it makes a connection to the StrandVision server cloud.

“We’ve built all of the power and simplicity of our popular digital signage solution into our vehicle implementation for the transportation industry,” said Mike Strand, StrandVision founder and CEO, in the announcement. “Additional value will come from the unit’s GPS, Wi-Fi and optional 3G or 4G cellphone capabilities that will give our customers the ability to show highly-targeted messages. Imagine an airport shuttle bus that is able to automatically show promotions for local restaurants or a specific hotel, even including room availability, as it approaches the property. The LEC-5510 solution opens a new vista for StrandVision digital signage.”

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