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Staples Canada to implement live agent assisted selling

CHICAGO — ClairVista announced today that Staples Canada, a 300-store division of Staples, Inc., is implementing ClairVista’s Live Expert system for its Live Video Agent services. With this system, Staples Canada store customers can instantly videoconference with a remote agent for Copy & Print Centre orders. Remote agents design and show customers, in real time, custom-created forms, stationery, business cards, and signs, while providing face-to-face, personalized service.

“We have operated our Live Video Agent service for more than three years and have selected Live Expert because it provides the best capabilities to serve our customers and ClairVista showed tremendous responsiveness to our needs,” said John Castiglione, vice president of sales and operations for Staples Canada.

Live Expert, which recently received a US patent, solves a basic challenge in retailing by cost-effectively providing each customer with the right expertise and personalized service at the moment of customer need. Live Expert is the most complete and advanced system available in the emerging videoconferencing CRM segment. Built for rapid deployment and flexible enterprise integration, it includes a comprehensive application suite for efficiently managing every aspect of remote agent services. Live Expert requires no proprietary hardware, and can be implemented in just days.

“Staples Canada has more operating experience with live video assisted customer service than any other company in the world with proven ROI and keen understanding of all the system features required to provide a great customer experience. Their decision to select Live Expert speaks volumes about the strength of our solution and our ability to translate technology into value for businesses and consumers,” said Chris Sang, ClairVista’s CEO.