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Sports Museum of America to intro Cisco digital signage

NEW YORK — The Sports Museum of America has announced that Cisco has been selected as the exclusive technology solutions provider for a unique sports experience, set to open in New York City in May 2008. This facility will provide sports fans with a chance to interact with exhibits, memorabilia and artifacts donated by individual athletes, Halls of Fame, museums and private collectors. SMA will also give visitors a glimpse into how the “stadiums of the future” will improve the fan experience through the use of technology and the delivery of exciting new fan services.
The Sports Museum of America will use a wide variety of Cisco technologies to enhance the visitor experience. Highlights include:
  • The “Stadium of the Future” — This exhibit will give visitors a sneak peek at the Cisco technologies that will make the experience of the game more intimate, interactive and immersive for fans, as well as provide new growth opportunities for teams and leagues.
  • Interactive Sports Trivia Kiosks — Multiple kiosks will be available throughout the Fan Culture Gallery, offering visitors access to exciting content and interactive features, such as trivia, statistics and game video on-demand.
  • digital signage — High-definition digital signage displays will be used at the box office, in the retail environment and throughout the museum. The displays will show a variety of dynamic content, including live sports video, ticketing information, special offers, sports facts and SmA updates in real-time. The displays will also show custom messaging about various exhibits, providing relevant information to fans throughout their visit, and creating showcases for exhibit sponsors.
  • Cisco TelePresence Experience — This immersive video technology uses high-definition video and high-quality audio to create virtual “in-person” experiences over the network. Using Cisco TelePresence, visiting fans can meet face-to-face with star athletes and sports celebrities, as well as participate in roundtable discussions. SMA can also utilize this technology to host events incorporating industry experts, coaches and sports leaders from around the world.
  • Social Networking — Since fans are everywhere, SMA plans to offer an online community through its Web site, using Cisco’s new entertainment operating system. Sports fans around the globe can join like-minded fans to discuss top stories, chat with athletes and speak their mind about their favorite sports.

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