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Sports Media offers cross-channel DOOH media for stadiums, arenas

LOS ANGELES — Sports Media Inc. announced that it will now offer sports teams a total turn-key digital advertising solution for their stadiums and arenas. Sports Media will provide installation and back-end technical support for the following five exclusive digital ad vehicles and will also include participating teams in its national advertising network.

• Sports Media TV – In-stadium TV Ad Network (powered by ChyTV) offering advertisers on-screen graphic, animation, audio, and video, utilizing all existing television screens in stadiums and arenas.

• Mobile Phone / Text Marketing program

• Digital Concession menu boards that consist entirely of LCD screens. This allows the entire menu – images, items, and prices – to be controlled remotely from a computer. With all-digital systems, every menu item and price point can be tied back to your point-of-sale system.
• Interactive digital mascot kiosks for Sports Fans to have more ways to interact with Team Mascots. They can access messages, watch video, interact with trivia and games and have their picture taken.

Together, these ad vehicles will enable teams to offer sponsors the newest and most unique digital advertising opportunities within the stadium or arena. Sponsors will be able to interact directly with the sports fan during the game, learn more about their spending habits and preferences, and build their customer database.

Sports Media’s goal is to tap into the extraordinary growth in the digital out-of-home media segment and provide advertisers with better ways to interact with fans and deliver brand messages, coupons, product offers, sampling, ringtones and screensavers during the game.