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Spanish insurer launches healthcare digital signage network

Barcelona-based health insurer DKV has recently released a corporate digital signage channel, “HablaClaroTV” (Speak Out TV), created by Neo Advertising, according to an announcement from Neo.

The channel has thus far been launched in four cities in Spain — Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Zaragoza —¬†and the company said it plans to expand the channel to all DKV’s Spanish offices.

The company picked the name HablaClaroTV to try to show the transparency that the health insurer offers to customers, according to the release. The channel broadcasts content about the values of the brand, reports on existing products, and various social responsibility initiatives and sponsorships in which the company participates. It also has an infotainment section that reports the weather, today’s sports and general news, and gives health advice.

For Miguel Garcia, vice president of DKV Group communication, the aim of the channel is “to entertain the waiting time of customers through a digital tool, and developing the concept of promoting DKV Speak Out in other media like the Internet. The digital signage allows us to be more transparent and closer to the public thanks to its dynamism.”

“The digital signage improves communication between the public and the companies and allows companies like DKV to create new channels which to pass on better their products and services,” said Roi Iglesias, CEO of Neo Advertising Spain, in the announcement.

Neo Advertising has been the responsible for the implementation of the digital signage network, as well as its content and management.

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