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SmartAVI unveils StretcherPro video wall solution

BURBANK, Calif. — SmartAVI, which specializes in the fields of digital content creation, management and delivery solutions through hardware and software, has unveiled its newly redesigned StretcherPro display wall solution.

StretcherPro has been a highly successful member of the SmartAVI video display solutions family for the past two years; this newly re-designed model comes capable of broadcasting high-definition DVI-D video and images at resolutions up to 1920×1200 over a 2×2 video wall/digital signage configuration using real-time scaling. The hardware is capable of stretching an image over four display screens, each displaying one-fourth of the original image, while maintaining perfect resolution on each screen.

One of the key features of this unit is that StretcherPro can go well beyond its “default” capacity of a 2×2 video display control system. When used in concert with SmartAVI’s other video wall products, StretcherPro can go from a 2×2 video display solution all the way up to 128 screens, making it a very powerful tool for advanced system architects and integrators as well as for large-scale deployments.

As an entry-level display wall solution, StretcherPro has been aggressively priced at $3,299.00. 

“The success and popularity of StretcherPro has been very exciting for the last couple of years,” said Albert Cohen, CEO of SmartAVI. “To keep this product updated and ready to meet the expectations and satisfy the needs of the present-day market, we have come out with this newest model of StretcherPro, which is designed with high-definition presentation in mind. Everything is in HDTV now, from digital images taken with your camera and camcorders to videos on YouTube. Our clients need our hardware to be capable of displaying their digital signage the way it’s been prepared and intended to be seen by their clients and customers.”