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SmartAVI releases digital signage solution designed for transit vehicles

SmartAVI, Inc. has launched a compact digital signage hardware/software solution for mass transit vehicles and small viewing areas called SignagePro Mobility. The unit has been designed specifically for mass transit vehicles such as jumbo jets and taxis as well as compact spaces such as retail kiosks in shopping malls or elevators.

digital signage married with mass transit vehicles such as busses, airplanes, taxis and trains is just now really exploding within the marketplace,” said Albert Cohen, president and CEO of SmartAVI, Inc. “Millions of people ride planes, busses, taxis and trains each day.  The opportunity to put digital signage literally right in front of commuters and passengers is absolutely exciting; especially for those looking to earn revenue from advertisers or enhance their customer experience through direct communication with their passengers.”
SignagePro Mobility is a hardware package that connects to a PC or thin client computer, meaning no dedicated server is needed to operate the screens. Updates are done via IP network. The software incorporated into SignagePro Mobility is Windows-based and allows for scheduling as well as content creation. Each SignagePro Mobility unit comes with a DVI out port, and each receiver is completely capable of 1920×1200 high-definition image playback.

digital signage solution designed for transit vehicles