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Six Flags, Target and US Postal Service to share views during DSA User-Only Forum

The digital signage Association is inviting all those who own or operate a digital signage network to attend a free “User-Only Forum” on Tuesday, Feb. 24 in room N247 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The forum will allow digital signage users from all sectors to come together to speak openly and learn from one another. Margot Myers, who worked for the US Postal Service for 24 years, most recently as manager of retail in-store programs, will facilitate the session. She will be joined by Sean Andersen, director of interactive services for Six Flags and Chris Borek, senior manager of in-store digital marketing for Target.

Topics to be addressed include:

1) What’s your message? A discussion of issues related to content development & management.

2) Who’s in charge? How to get a variety of stakeholders within an organization to get on board with a digital signage deployment.

3) How does advertising work? Selling space on your network, measuring compliance and results, setting guidelines for what types of advertising are acceptable, determining how much time will be devoted to ad content, etc.
All attendees will be qualified (no vendors allowed).

All members and prospects are invited to participate in the luncheon which takes place before the forum and the membership meeting and reception which follows. The lunch costs $40 and the reception costs $25. To register, go to: