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Signagelive uses touchscreens, content interrupts to enhance digital signage

ESSEX, U.K. — Remote Media has announced that its signagelive digital signage software has been enhanced to allow its users to capitalize on the latest touchscreen displays all from within the standard signagelive platform, with no extra costs. Having provided touchscreen kiosk solutions since 1994, Remote Media says it is blurring the lines between traditional Kiosk applications and digital signage.
“If you have visited any of the major Kiosk or digital signage trade shows in the last 12 months you will have seen the major display manufacturers all adding touchscreen options to their large format displays, right up to the 103-inch Panasonic Plasma Display with U-Touch overlay providing Microsoft Surface style multi-touch capabilities,” said Jason Cremins, CEO of Remote Media.
Cremins also said the company has added a new interrupt feature that allows content loops to stop and play specialized content when a user interacts with the screen via a touchscreen, RFID tag or proximity sensor. Here are several recent examples of signagelive projects with touchscreens and interrupt features:
• SKY Retail utilizes signagelive interrupts to control the functionality of the passive and touchscreen displays installed at its Westfield Shopping Centre in London. Signagelive recognizes a touch and pauses the scheduled content before seamlessly switching to a secure internet browser with virtual keyboard to capture customer information. In addition, 57-inch Samsung DXN LCD Displays with integrated PC’s are installed in portrait mode and at the press of a concealed button the content switches from running scheduled media content to displaying live Sky HD content streamed using IPTV.
• Estee Lauder has installed a RFID enabled point-of-sale display for their Lab Series Products for Men. Each Lab Series product has a unique RFID tag located on each sample product and a RFID plate is located under the shelf on which the products are located. On picking up a product, signagelive will pause the scheduled attract media content being displayed and play the media content programmed to respond to the individual RFID tag for the product that has been picked up.

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