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Signagelive powers Estee Lauder point-of-decision retail signage

ESSEX, U.K. — Using digital signage networks powered by Remote Media’s signagelive software, Estee Lauder customers are able to engage with digital media in a way that was never possible with passive aisle mounted large screens running TV-style content. Using the latest RFID technology, shoppers can now interact at the point of decision where they are provided with media content specific to their needs.   The project was provided through Lime IT, a signagelive strategic partner focused on technology-led retail applications, to Estee Lauder Aramis and Designer Fragrances for its Lab Series Skin Care For Men range of products.

The solution is comprised of LCD screens and RFID-tagged products fully integrated with both signagelive and retail point of sale software, which when picked up, play back video specific to the selected product along with cross-recommendation to other products in the range. In addition, a special tag presented by a Lab Series Consultant turns the screens into a skin scanner, enabling a customer’s skin type to be analyzed and suitable products recommended.

In addition to the customer experience, the solution provides Estee Lauder with real-time statistics of every customer interaction with their products and the subsequent impact on sales at the registers.