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Show+Tell creates mobile interactive 3-D animated spot for ABC SuperSign in Times Square

Show+Tell today announced the details of their role in a digital out-of-home project for Siemens in conjunction with their partnership on the Earth Day Network in the United States,

“We are thrilled and honored that Siemens has again asked us to assist them in their brand awareness efforts, especially for a great cause such as Earth Day,” Show+Tell president Phil Lenger said in a release. “Our creative and technology expertise in digital out-of-home proved to be a tremendous asset in executing our client’s vision.”

As a presenting sponsor, and in order to help promote the Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green pledge campaign, Siemens asked Show+Tell to create a unique interactive experience for visitors to Times Square on the ABC SuperSign, for which Siemens is a naming sponsor. The spot is scheduled to air April 19 through April 24, 2010.

To enhance the goal of awareness through grassroots efforts, Show+Tell was asked to produce a spot that integrated mobile interactivity, bringing user-generated content to the SuperSign. To meet that challenge, Show+Tell’s creative and technology teams together created a dynamic 60-second animated spot designed to prompt viewers in Times Square to text their individual acts of green to Siemens in recognition of Earth Day. Approved user content scrolls across the bottom of the SuperSign each time the 60-second spot airs, a process accomplished through a script developed by a team of engineers at Show+Tell.

In addition to Show+Tell, the project utilized two technology partners: SinglePoint’s mobile advertising application, which will enables viewers to submit their contribution to a “Billion Acts of Green” via text message, and Wishoo, who filters each text message to ensure only appropriate messages appear on the ABC SuperSign.