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SeeSaw one first to comply with OVAB Audience Measurement Guidelines

NEW YORK  —  SeeSaw Networks, a media company offering the most extensive network of place-based digital video advertising, announced that it is the first company to operationalize the newly released Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) Measurement Guidelines with a rigorous network qualification process.

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SeeSaw’s measurement methodology uses the same principles of presence, notice and dwell time as the OVAB guidelines, providing advertisers and agencies a common currency and consistent, transparent measurement across 40 place-based affiliate networks. These guidelines are embedded in, SeeSaw’s flagship online campaign planning and optimization service, which provides agencies with a consistent set of audience impression metrics when they plan and buy national and regional digital video campaigns.

“Our mission from the outset has been to deliver a common currency to agencies and advertisers across multiple networks, thereby providing media buyers and planners with transparency and operational excellence for every digital advertising campaign they plan and purchase,” said Peter Bowen, founder and chief executive officer at SeeSaw Networks. “We applaud OVAB for establishing these guidelines. Having already established operational excellence across more than 40 top-notch networks, agencies and advertisers can be confident that our network partners are fundamentally in compliance with the new OVAB guidelines.”

SeeSaw Networks, the largest aggregator of place-based digital video advertising networks and an active member of the OVAB research and standards committee, is a long-time proponent of industry standards for targeting, measuring and ensuring transparency of out-of-home video advertising. SeeSaw’s comprehensive qualification process provides advertisers with high-quality media outlets for digital video campaigns that intercept people in multiple places during their weekly routines.
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Over the last three years, this methodology has been vetted with hundreds of media planners, agency executives and advertisers across the industry, including many members of OVAB’s agency advisory board.

 SeeSaw’s qualification process

SeeSaw’s qualification and data profiling process ensures that SeeSaw affiliate networks meet certain operational criteria, thus providing advertisers and agencies the confidence that campaigns will be accurately executed and measured. Additionally, the qualification process requires networks to make available a standard set of information, imagery and geographic detail to provide agencies with the criteria they need to make informed choices. SeeSaw’s qualification goes above and beyond today’s OVAB guidelines announcement, requiring networks to provide qualitative and quantitative data across five key operational areas:
Audience Metrics and Life Patterns: SeeSaw ensures that each network’s audience metrics such as traffic and presence, awareness and notice of screens, impressions, dwell time, and demographic and life pattern information are accurate and up to date.

Location and Screen Placement: SeeSaw requires that each network provide detailed location information such as business hours, addresses, pictures of the locations and how digital screens are integrated into the overall customer experience.
Content and Programming: SeeSaw ensures that each network’s programming is relevant and provides detailed programming information including the programming schedule, relevance of content to the location and ad rotation lengths.
Technology and Operations: SeeSaw ensures that each network provide world-class network support for each location, assuring that screens are up and running during the designated hours of operation, creative is delivered to spec, and that they can deliver proof of performance.
Compliance and Testing: SeeSaw requires that each network prove its ability to deliver impressions according to the specifications of a campaign and use public service announcements as a way to test network readiness and ensure accurate proof of performance affidavits.
By accessing this aggregated information on, media planners can compare and contrast networks, while having full transparency into how SeeSaw’s network affiliates deliver advertising impressions to their specification, on time, and to the desired target audience.