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SeeSaw expands into more stadiums, arenas

SAN FRANCISCO — SeeSaw Networks, a media company that offers digital video advertising, has announced the joining of Sports Media Inc. to its national network of advertising affiliates.

According to a news release, Sports Media is an extensive national network of digital video advertising on Jumbotrons and television screens at sporting venues, including Major League and Minor League Baseball stadiums, NHL and AHL arenas, NBA arenas, Arena Football 2 (AF2) arenas and NASCAR speedways. The partnership expands SeeSaw’s network leadership in sports and entertainment marketing, providing brand managers with the most extensive and innovative opportunities to reach sports enthusiasts and families on the go at sports events nationwide.

“Our network provides brand managers with the opportunity for engaging loyal, enthusiastic sports fans,” said Dan Kosth, chief executive, Sports Media Inc. “The depth of SeeSaw’s network offers advertisers the best opportunities possible to interact with sports fans and families while they are actively enjoying their favorite sport as well in many other places they frequent in their daily life patterns.”

SeeSaw’s life pattern marketing methodology and network offer advertisers high-impact and cost-effective advertising touch points with sports enthusiasts. Leveraging digital video advertising opportunities at stadiums and family-friendly venues across the country can give advertisers great value for their purchase.
Research conducted by Scarborough Research, which researches and measures the lifestyle and shopping patterns of American consumers, shows that advertisers looking to reach women ages 35 to 54 with children and an annual household income greater than $50,000 are 63 percent more likely to connect with them than the average adult at Minor League Baseball games (Scarborough USA, 2008).