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SeeSaw announces new open architecture for media buying platform

SAN FRANCISCO — SeeSaw Networks has announced that media agencies and digital video advertising networks can now customize and brand SeeSaw’s Software as a Service (SaaS)-based digital video advertising planning and buying platform. By opening the platform through a new “Powered by SeeSaw” service offering, agencies and networks can create their own customized online service, complete with unique inventory, pricing structures and personalized proposal templates.

Agencies use the new version of to get access to SeeSaw’s extensive network of place-based digital video affiliates, and extend this footprint with networks they invite into their own system. Using SeeSaw’s technology, agencies generate faster, more accurate proposals, streamline reporting and integrate their own proprietary research and processes for planning, buying and measuring place-based digital media campaigns.

For the first time, digital video advertising networks can also utilize a branded version of to market their inventory and make it easier for advertisers and agencies to evaluate their network, plan campaigns and buy media. The open platform is the enabling technology that supports the newly launched “Powered by SeeSaw,” a business service that gets both agencies and networks up and running with SeeSaw’s technology platform, while also providing best practices for campaign execution, such as standardized audience metrics and demographic data profiling.

In addition to its campaign planning and optimization platform, SeeSaw aggregates more than 40 digital video advertising networks, offering more than 30 categories and delivering over 50 million gross weekly impressions. SeeSaw requires its affiliates to adhere to strict quality standards to ensure each and every campaign is executed at the highest standards for quality, and provides a common currency consistent with the audience metrics guidelines released by the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB), trafficking services and proof-of-delivery for campaigns across multiple networks.