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SeeSaw adds four sports networks

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — SeeSaw Networks, a digital video advertising company, has announced partnerships with four additional networks that reach sports fans across the country. With the addition of OnSite Network, ONTrack, The Bar Network and a national sports event network, SeeSaw has extended its network of places where people go to deliver nearly 60 million impressions a month to sports fans at bars, restaurants, sports bars, casinos, horse racing tracks, health clubs, college campuses or at large sporting events.

“SeeSaw’s scale and ability to target behavioral patterns provides an excellent new opportunity for marketers to engage the right consumers,” said Jack Sullivan, senior vice president and out-of-home activation director at Starcom USA. “We are now able to better comprehend a consumer’s consumption of media in their active daily lives, and reach them while they are engaged in relevant activities that impact purchase decisions.”

Through its growing network of affiliates, SeeSaw provides the scale and relevant settings that national advertisers require for digital video advertising campaigns. With more than 40 affiliate networks, SeeSaw enables advertisers to reach a “life pattern” such as sports fans, across many contextually relevant locations. Research from OTX indicates that people see digital video advertising outside their home and office in six to eight different types of places during their weekly routines.

SeeSaw’s new affiliates uniquely reach sport enthusiasts. OnSite engages sports fans by wrapping live, high-definition network TV sports programming with interactive sports games and content. ONTrack reaches horse racing aficionados at locations like the sports book at the Bellagio and other casinos across North America or directly at race tracks and off-site wagering locations across the country. The Bar Network offers infotainment on 50-inch plasma screens in high-end bars and lounges. The sports event network reaches fans while they are at sporting events such as National Football League games, Major League Baseball games and NASCAR races via the world’s largest airborne video screen on a blimp.

“Our four new partners together with SeeSaw’s existing vast inventory of bars, restaurants, sports bars and health clubs intercept sports enthusiasts in their life patterns. This offers advertisers an effective way to reach them when they are receptive and highly engaged,” said Peter Bowen, chief executive officer of SeeSaw Networks. “Our goal is to expand the way brand managers think about effectively reaching their consumers. SeeSaw not only provides the scale and breadth to deliver a brand’s message, it allows marketers to reach their consumers in a far more precise and efficient way — while they are engaged in relevant activities.”