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Screenmedia Expo: Quividi, audience measurement and benchmarking

Audience measurement specialists Quividi introduced two new features to its offering today at Screenmedia Expo Europe 2010 in London.
The company says its software programs can now run on less-expensive processors like the Intel Atom and use a basic webcam attached to screens to view the people viewing the screens, lowering the cost of deployment.
And the company also is offering a templated measurement report that offers benchmark information comparing audience numbers against benchmarks compiled from more than 70 other signage networks, a report than can also be delivered right to deployers’ mailboxes.
The report measures daily and weekly audience, spread across gender and age groups, and classifies a deployer’s top 10 screens or other place-based media.
“Most importantly we compare all of those numbers to benchmark numbers, because one of our strengths is that we’ve been measuring now over 70 networks in the world,” Quividi CEO Olivier Duizabo said. “So we have a good idea of how many people on average do watch a screen per month, or how long do they watch and what’s the typical split by gender and so forth, so we can compare that to your own network.”
The benchmarks are global at the moment, Duizabo says, but Quividi plans to also make them more category specific, looking at things like how do the screens do in pharmacies, for instance, or how does viewership change across the day:
“All of that will be available to help the media planners, the advertisers and of course the network operators to assess their audience and monetize their air time.”