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Screenmedia Expo: Minicom unveiling remote device management tech for digital signage displays

Zurich, Switzerland — Minicom digital signage, a provider of media infrastructure solutions for the digital signage marketplace, announced earlier this week it will demonstrate its first remote device management (RDM) solution with proof-of-performance capabilities at next week’s Screenmedia Europe Expo 2010 in London.

At the Minicom booth, D5, the company will feature the proprietary RDM technology that enables reliable remote monitoring and control of display assets of any digital signage and digital out-of-home (DOOH) network and marks the conceptualization of managed displays. The solution features a unique media feedback mechanism for proof-of-performance (POP) so advertisers in DOOH networks can validate and audit advertising to ensure both the quantity and quality of the broadcasted ad, according to Minicom.

With the management capabilities offered by the RDM, operators can reduce system downtime and improve visibility while reducing operational costs and increasing return on investment, the company says. The technology enables automatic triggering of support call when necessary, so network operators can intervene quickly and efficiently to reduce operational expenses and thereby total cost of ownership.

“The world of digital signage is expanding rapidly with millions of displays from different vendors deployed globally,” said Minicom CEO Ronni Guggenheim. “The interest of media operators is to extract the maximum value from their business-critical media infrastructure, 24/7. This creates a natural trend towards remote central management of media-space display assets, which will be a crucial capability. Our RDM technology provides an essential building block helping the market mature.”

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