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Screenfeed updates digital signage content daily with hi-res images

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Screenfeed, a provider of daily content for digital signage, has launched its “News in Pictures” channels, which combine high-definition photographs with the top news stories of the day, each and every day.

The photo channels provide signage operators with a constant stream of fresh, visually stunning news content — without the bandwidth costs of video. Channels include U.S. News, Sports, Entertainment, and Weather.

A screenshot from News in Pictures during the Nov. 2008 election.

Screenfeed’s News in Pictures channels are built to create entertaining content that fits digital signage. Headlines communicate stories in a few phrases; all photos are manually cropped to fill a screen or zone, and channels offer up to 30 minutes of new content each day to fill a variety of dwell times. Screenfeed content can be delivered in any number of resolutions and aspect ratios. Clients can choose from a number of standard sizes or request a custom crop to fit within a zone.

“We want to make it incredibly easy for our customers to display our content on their screens,” said Screenfeed’s director of technology, John Sheehan. “For most of our customers, it’s as simple as scheduling a single file to a zone.”   To aid in seamless use by end users, Screenfeed is working with several digital signage software companies to integrate Screenfeed channels directly into their software and is looking to forge more relationships with software partners.

Content channels are available for a monthly subscription fee based on the number of media players. As part of a strategy to support smaller networks and individual businesses integrating digital signs, subscriptions are offered to customers with one screen or thousands with no minimum.

digital signage content daily with hi-res images