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Screenfeed powering digital signage content feeds through signagelive platform

Signagelive has announced that as part its digital sigbage software upgrade to version 2.5, media players can subscribe to real-time updated content, such as images, audio and video. Screenfeed, a company that enables such real-time updating, announced a partnership to facilitate the service for signagelive customers.

Click here to view a live sample.

“Screenfeed is committed to offering digital signage networks the very best digital signage content to keep their screens fresh and entertaining; and signagelive makes it easier than ever to integrate all Screenfeed content channels,” said Jeremy Gaven – Screenfeed CEO said.

Signagelive media players natively connect to Screenfeed content channels and pre-download content prior to play. This is also known in the industry a “store-and-forward,” opposite of streaming.

“Media RSS support within signagelive enables users to configure their signagelive players to subscribe to multiple Media RSS channels at the click of a mouse and let the power of dynamically changing content appear on their screen without the need to manually upload, schedule and deploy new media and playlists,” said Jason Cremins, signagelive CEO.

digital signage content feeds through signagelive platform