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Screenfeed launches localized event and photo content for digital signage

digital signage content provider Screenfeed has announced new hyper-local content in the form of a Local Events channel, which displays a calendar of sports, music, theater and community events that can be localized to any place within the U.S., Canada or to major cities around the world.
The animated display features event titles, locations, dates and times, as well as a photos that change every five seconds. This allows networks with short dwell times to provide value to the viewer quickly and then transition to ad-based content.
Localized content has received much acclaim in the industry lately, as users are finding that hyper-local content resonates better with viewers than broadcast-type messages.

Screenfeed customers can choose to customize both the look and feel of the display and the coverage area. Networks can choose to include only events within a hyper-local 10-mile radius for more of a neighborhood feel or a 50-mile radius to include major events around the metro area. The engaging presentation of the event information can also be completely customized by Screenfeed to fit the look and feel of a network or to add sponsorship branding.

New Photo Trivia content attracts the attention of viewers and entertains in both short spots or during long dwell times. Viewers’ interests are triggered from motion that starts and stops, color change, as well as high-resolution photos of celebrities, sports heroes and things people recognize; while the reveal of answers to a variety of pop-culture questions keeps viewers’ interest. Topics include celebrities, entertainment, sports, historical events and fun facts. Trivia questions are available with and without audio. Each question and answer is revealed every 30 seconds.

Screenfeed CEO Jeremy Gavin said:
Our goal is for our customers to schedule our content in their playlists one time and forget about it — We’ll keep their screens fresh. Automated updating is currently the case for nearly all our customers, and we’re working to support all industry standards for content delivery. It is important for the industry, especially signage software companies, to develop the ability to consume daily, third-party content delivery.

Pricing for both channels is as low as $5 per player per month.

To preview samples and pricing of Screenfeed’s Local Events and Photo Trivia channels, as well as other digital signage content, visit:

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