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SCREEN MEDIA EXPO: Samsung unveils new large-format displays

LONDON — Samsung Electronics U.K., manufacturer of LCD panels, has revealed its new 2009 range of large-format displays and digital signage. The range is currently on display for the first time in the United Kingdom at Screen Media Expo 2009.

Samsung’s new LFD products provide professional displays with innovative features to create clear and precise images. The range is designed to deliver optimal performance under any lighting conditions, and uses market-leading software solutions to deliver rapid and real-time information in a number of situations and for a wide variety of purposes. 

Samsung Ultra Definition: 400UXn, 460UXn

Samsung UD is a new range of monitors incorporating a powerful, high-resolution display designed to produce larger-than-life images. The range combines an impressive ultra-thin bezel (7 millimeters) for virtually seamless video walls with a Digital Information Display panel to enable higher brightness and longer operation.

Working in conjunction with the recently launched “video wall” Samsung ID (interlocking display), Samsung UD helps the user easily control the content (such as size, position, and display type) of hundreds of screens with just one virtual monitor via a network enabled by Samsung’s MagicInfo I software.

Samsung 52-inch 3D Display [520LDn]

Using a lenticular lens type with nine view points, users can now enjoy 3D effects without additional devices such as glasses. Stretching up to 52 inches, the 3D images provide a mesmerizing option to make advertisements and films come to life. The high-impact screens are particularly suited to entertainment environments and provide a striking alternative for brands.

Samsung uVending Solution

Converting the simple vending machine into an intelligent business solution, Samsung’s new uVending solution sends real-time inventory and status information back to the head office to ensure that products are always in stock, and to help decide which products are the most profitable. The shock sensor and built-in camera means it can even alert the owner when it is being vandalized.

Samsung uVending Solution also provides a high-impact dynamic advertising space to promote new products or special offers via the eye catching interactive screen — or alternatively can be used for playing video footage or displaying information at events. The screens incorporate an audience measurement capability (Samsung PROM), which means businesses can capture who is looking at a screen by number gender and age, cutting out irrelevant and untargeted outdoor advertising for agencies.

Samsung Infrared Touchscreens: 320/400/460/700/820TSn

This unique range, up to 82 inches in size, has an integrated touchscreen with sensitive infrared touchscreen mode (as opposed to an overlay panel). The monitor’s touch response time of fewer than 40 milliseconds makes it one of the most responsive monitors on the market today. The touchscreen range also includes built-in speakers, enhanced networking capabilities and LCD panel protection to ensure maximum screen life. The touchscreen range is ideal as a point of information to communicate changing menus or to transmit changing travel timetable details around a busy railway station.

The Samsung Dual Touchscreen: 700TSn

This 70-inch interactive screen is the world’s first infrared dual-touch solution that enables a number of users to simultaneously see and share information. This unique feature allows audiences to find out more about a specific area of the display that they want to see by moving the content on the screen. For example, a school student could use the screen to find out information about certain classes or courses, or a car buyer could look up more details on a particular vehicle, meaning that a series of unrelated users with different interests can access the information most relevant to them.

Samsung Outdoor Solutions: 460 DR/DRn/DRn-A

Samsung’s latest all-in-one out-of-home solutions feature a special LCD display panel that shines even in extremely bright conditions, allowing content to look glare-free and legible. The screens, which are up to 82 inches and have touch capabilities, also come with a durable, element resistant, air-conditioned housing, making them tough enough to withstand rain or shine and provide an outstanding outdoor display solution. Images created are three times brighter than standard TVs or monitors, and the accompanying air conditioner feature can control the temperature inside the screen.

Samsung Semi Outdoor Solutions: 460 DRN-S

Samsung’s semi-outdoor screens are ideally suited to any shop window of any business. The screens are anti-reflective, meaning that even direct sunlight has no impact on the quality of an image from inside. The solution features system cooling technology with cross-flow fans to control the temperature of the screen, eliminating the issue of screens overheating in direct sunlight. The Samsung Window Display includes networking capabilities, allowing users to easily update content shown on the screens to display special offers or business updates as frequently as required.