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Screen Expo: Function, form both digital signage focuses

LONDON — It’s not how big the screen is, it’s what you do with it that counts. But having a huge screen helps.
As Day Two of Screen Expo Europe unfolds at Olympia in London, attendees are gaining opportunities to get a closer look at some of the large screens’ new functionalities that grabbed their attention yesterday.

Espirit’s booth at Screen Expo Europe, complete with StreetBright and Image Flow.

Espirit Digital is a well-known name for digital signage in London; in 2005 the company launched networks in the London Underground rail network that consisted of 23-inch screens lining the escalators. The company’s “Image Flow” technology allowed images to “jump” from screen to screen as people moved up or down the escalator.

At Screen Expo, the company announced that it has plans to have a total of 20 of London’s Underground stations outfitted with the network by the end of 2008.
The company also launched its StreetBright Panel, a 65-inch LCD portrait-mounted panel that emits an above-standard 3,500 cd/sq. meter and is also LED backlit. The StreetBright is designed to be used for retail and outdoor applications where screens are usually washed out due to direct sunlight.
AMX showed its inspired signage graphics engine on a 65-inch LCD as well as a wall of four 46-inch NEC LCDs. Damon Crowhurst, director of market development for AMX, said that the company doesn’t focus on video but rather on high-end graphics.
By only using moving graphics, AMX is able to have 10 megapixel content, resulting in a much crisper image than standard HD video. Crowhurst also said that the 10 megapixel graphic content saves time and space, taking up 1/15th of the space required for HD video.
The company will be launching screens in London’s newly-remodeled St. Pancras Station later in February.
Check back this week for complete coverage of Screen Expo 2008, including photos and video from the show.

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